iPhone Widget List

The List is a reference site to find iPhone widget and app concepts on the web. We expect this list to evolve from prototypes and concepts to working web apps formatted specifically for the iPhone. Let us know of additional ones as they become available.





digg api

It still remains to be seen, but I expect that a new form of web app/widget will emerge specifically for iPhones. Because the screen is small (3.5” Dia.) yet high resolution (160ppi), images will look great but text will be small. Yes, you should be able to zoom in, but the average website column of 15 words across will appear to be in about 9 point text when the iPhone is horizontal and about 6 point when vertical.

What does this mean? I think it means that people will using their iPhone to surf smaller chunks of content and some content will be reformatted for the iPhone screen.

I see three obvious paths and I expect others to emerge as well. The first path is to present content like a RSS reader that is is fairly stripped down graphically. The most likely graphic style and UI will mirror the iPhone UI as seen with the first iPhone interface for Digg.

The second is heavier on graphic elements to take advantage of the beautiful screen, but light on information. This is a style you see in Mac widgets, Vista gadgets and on the iPhone Home screen.

The third path will be something new, just being born, combing the specifics of the iPhone interface and capabilities: mobility, high rez multi-touch screen, access to standard internet, no mouse, no stylus, ability to rotate.

This is going to be exciting. This is why we have the iPhone Widget List.